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“Meeting Your Home Healthcare Needs”


Who we are

At Pharmex Healthcare, we are more than a retailer; we are a complete Home Healthcare Supply Centre.

Opened in 1983, Pharmex started with a single shop front to serve our retail and wholesale customers. Over the years, the wholesale business has grown exponentially and branched out into a separate business under the management of Yeap Medical Supplies Pte Ltd. The retail business currently has two locations; in our original outlet in Kembangan Plaza and a new showroom at our Head Office cum Warehousing facility at Kaki Bukit.

Our management core in Pharmex brings with them decades of industry experience both within and outside healthcare retailing and wholesale. Blending the best of Healthcare and FMCG Retailing, our team strives to break the traditional perception that Healthcare Retailing is utilitarian and conventional.

Our Mission

Our mission in Pharmex is to provide a holistic, convenient and accessible experience to our caregivers. We believe that Healthcare Retailing is more than trading in health related products but it is an important opportunity to provide a complete, all-encompassing support experience to our caregivers, our community.

We firmly believe that in Homecare, the caregiver like the care receiver also requires support. Besides ensuring that the needs of the care receiver is taken care of, we aim to provide the necessary assistance for the caregiver so that they are able to manage the demands and stress with the knowledge required to care for their elderly family members or anyone with special needs or are injured.

Our Vision and Plans

Our vision is to make the name of Pharmex synonymous with home healthcare needs. We strive towards having representation throughout the island and beyond with well-trained, professional, well-informed personnel providing supplies and support services to caregivers and care receivers around the country.

We aim to create a community where we can constantly learn from each other and share experiences that may inspire and impact the lives of those in need. We hope to be able to encourage new caregivers and care receivers that they are not alone.

Our Management Principles

We believe that our caregivers and care receivers deserve the best possible support and that our role is to add value to that support. To achieve this, we believe in finding the right people to be trained and represent the name and branding of Pharmex. Instead of expanding then training, we believe in training then expanding; giving the best to our care receivers and caregivers.

At Pharmex, we take pride in ensuring that all products for consumption and personal use are sold in their optimal state. We want our caregivers and care receivers to have the peace of mind knowing that Pharmex only sells stocks that they can place your trust in and are safe for them and their loved ones to consume and use. This is theĀ Pharmex Product Assurance.

Our Management Team

The core management team in Pharmex brings together a wealth of experience from both Healthcare Retailing and other Healthcare Related Industries. They add further value with their specialization and expertise in various aspects of Healthcare that will bring benefit to our caregivers and care receivers.

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