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B|Braun Hemostat – LYOSTYPT


15 Lyostypt

Lyostypt® is a native, absorbable collagen fleece. The fleece structure being rich in surface offers an ideal framework for the adherence of platelets and thus provides an additional impetus to clotting.


  • Efficient hemostasis
  • Can be combined with fibrin glue1
  • Can be combined with antibiotics2
  • Only small amount needed / cost efficient
  • Absorbed within 3 weeks
  • Excellent biocompatibility


Lyostypt® collagen haemostatic fleece is applicable in all fields of surgery for:

  • Capillary bleedings
  • Oozing wound haemorrhages
  • For the local haemostasis in haemodialysis

Available in:

  • 1069209 – LYOSTYPT KHV 10X12CM, 4s/box