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FINETOUCH Lancing Device



TERUMO FINETOUCH® Lancing device is developed especially to increase the patients’ comfort, even with everyday use.

Almost painless

Thanks to the special lancet design, blood sampling is extremely gentle.
The hollow bore needle and the minimum penetration depth of only 0.3 mm make a much smaller lesion than the full needles and their lancing depth of about 0.9mm, which are usually used for capillary blood sampling. This makes capillary blood sampling much more comfortable.

5 different lancing depth for more patient comfort
Special hollow bore needle minimises pain and accelerates wound healing
Ease of use

The lancet is easily mounted on the lancing device. When you hear a clear click, the lancing device is ready for use. You choose your preferred lancing depth by turning the dial and then you press the button to prick your finger.

Easy attachment of the lancet
Lancing depth easily adjusted by turning the dial
Safe and clean

Because of the special lancet design you will be protected from accidental needlesticks during the entire blood sampling procedure. The needle is permanently shielded, before and after use.

Protected needle

Lancing Device Instructions For Use

lancing_ifu_1 1. Take the sampling material at hand.
2. Select pricking depth by turning the dial.
lancing_ifu_3 3. Attach the lancet to the lancing device.
lancing_ifu_4 4. Prick your finger by pushing the push button.
lancing_ifu_5 5. Remove the lancet from the lancing device.

Available in:

  • TC-MS-GN02 — FINETOUCH Lancing Device