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Multi-Fold Hand Towel



SCOTT® Multifold Hand Towel is the low maintenance hand towel system. The high capacity dispensers hold up to 600 towels for less frequent servicing, making it ideal for high traffic areas.

Benefits of Multifold Hand Towel

Easy Maintenance

• Side windows allow easy checking of towel level for more efficient servicing
• Easy to load dispenser can be topped-up for lower maintenance and reduced risk of
run outs
• Dispensers can be key lockable or snap-lock for easy servicing
• Durable ABS dispenser cannot corrode and is easy to clean

Cost Control

• Towels dispense one sheet at a time, reducing waste and overuse
• Sheets dispense fully opened for effective drying and economy


• Only the towel used is touched for maximum hygiene
• Dispenser keeps towel clean and hygienic prior to use
• Stylish ABS plastic dispenser to enhance your facility

User Satisfaction

• SCOTT® towels provide superior hand drying performance and user satisfaction
• Superior dispenser design provides smooth efficient towel dispensing
• Contains a sustainable mix of recycled and FSC virgin fibre

Available in

  • KC-20901 — SCOTT® Multi-Fold Hand Towel Deluxe (VF) — 24cm x 23cm — 16pkts x 250s
  • KC-20211 — SCOTT® Multi-Fold Hand Towel Standard (RF) — 24cm x 23cm — 16pkts x 250s