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SAFE Mattress




SAFE Products are produced in a unique open celled polymer material, which is polyester based. The high quality visco-elastic foam SAFE:


SAFE mattresses are designed to prevent pressure sores for patients with low, moderate and high risk; taking tolerance into consideration.

Manufactured for optimal pressure distribution while providing maximum comfort.

All SAFE Med mattresses and cushions are made of 100% ViscoPore – A visco-elastic temperature sensitive foam which is very efficient in pressure distribution.  As a mattress overlay, this provides comfort for a person who is lying down for a prolonged period of time with the Pink side up.

SAFE Med mattress overlays are specially designed to ease and distribute pressure along the length of the body so as to prevent pressure sores from forming as well as reducing pain and offering relief for persons up to 130kg in weight.

SAFE Med mattress overlays are machine washable up to 95°C and can be tumble dried in high temperature.

Fire Tests:

The SAFE Med mattress overlay complies with regulations EN 1021-1 & 2

By disposal: Does not emit any noxious gasses and no halogens. It is recommended to burn on a normal disposal plant for household.

SAFE ViscoPore foam only emits carbon dioxide and water by disposal and does not harm the environment or people.

Available in:

  • AR0510 – SAFE Mattress, Pink/Grey, 200 x 80 x 4 cm (Weight Profile: 0 – 130 kg- Pink side up)

Also Available :

  • AR0530 – SAFE Comfort Cover for Mattress, 200 x 80 x 6 cm
  • SAFE Comfort Cover is Soft, waterproof, breathable, bi-elastic cover.