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Scotchcast Plus Casting Tape



A lightweight, strong and durable casting tape that combines the benefits of a fiberglass casting tape with the handling ease of plaster.


  • Simple Application: water activated resin gives you control of the setting time and permits quick and easy cast application, thereby minimising patient discomfort and optimising the use of your time.
  • Excellent handling characteristics: the combination of the knitted fibreglass construction and the patented slippery resin ensures superb conformabily, moulding and lamination.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: weight bearing in 30 minutes. Compared to plaster, Scotchcast Plus casts are lighter, increasing patient mobility.
  • Durable: Scotchcast Plus casts are strong, water resistant and hard-wearing.
  • Full range: A full range of accessory items, including synthetic padding, stockinette, longuettes and walking shoes are available.

Available in:

  • 82002 — Scotchcast Plus Casting Tape — 2″ x 4yd — 10s/box
  • 82003 — Scotchcast Plus Casting Tape — 3″ x 4yd — 10s/box
  • 82004 — Scotchcast Plus Casting Tape — 4″ x 4yd — 10s/box
  • 82005 — Scotchcast Plus Casting Tape — 5″ x 4yd — 10s/box