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Steri-Dual ECO Reels



Packaging is one step in the overall sterilization reprocessing process which includes the cleaning, disinfecting, preparation and sterilization of items. The selection and correct usage of appropriate packaging materials is one of the most important aspects for effective reprocessing and sterility maintenance.

3M™ Steri-Dual™ ECO is a new and comprehensive product, offering a high quality that is in compliance with the relevant standards, supplied by a highly reliable company.

Available in:

  • 8601 — Steri-Dual ECO Flat Reel — 5cm x 200m
  • 8605 — Steri-Dual ECO Flat Reel — 10cm x 200m
  • 8607 — Steri-Dual ECO Flat Reel — 15cm x 200m
  • 8754 — Steri-Dual ECO Gussetted Reel — 15cm x 5cm x 100m
  • 8760 — Steri-Dual ECO Gussetted Reel — 30cm x 8cm x 100m