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Terumo MEDISAFE EX Blood Glucos Meter monitoring system



MEDISAFE MINI Blood Glucose Reader + FINETOUCH® Lancing Device + 50 Blood Glucose Test Stripes + 30 Lancets

Simple, Safe and ComfortableTerumo FINETOUCH® Blood Glucose Meter is specially developed to simplify blood glucose measurements.

With one simple movement the Test TIP is attached to the Meter. When “OK” is indicated on the display, the Meter is ready for use. Coding is not necessary!

Furthermore the Meter is easily handled because of its ergonomic design.

3D design of the Test TIP

The individually packed Test TIP guarantees an optimal quality. Because the Test TIP case is only opened at the moment of the measurement, external influences have no chance to deteriorate the Test TIP, and correct results are ensured.
Easy attachment without having to look which is the correct way to place the TIP on the Meter. It’s unmistakable. This is especially convenient for patients with poor eyesight.
Conveniently sized Test TIP case facilitates handling, which is especially comfortable for older patients or patients with nerve damage or motional disorders.

Flexible blood application

Because of the concentric position of the Test TIP nozzle, blood application is easy for both right and left handed people.
The blood drop is drawn up by the capillary action of the Test TIP.
No contact with blood
After measurement the Test TIP can easily and safely be discarded without having to touch them with your hands. The used Test TIP can simply be ejected by pushing forward the Meter’s eject button. The Test TIP can be put back into the TIP case or directly into an appropriate container.

Almost painless

Thanks to the special lancet design, blood sampling is extremely gentle.
The hollow bore needle and the minimum penetration depth of only 0.3 mm make a much smaller lesion than the full needles and their lancing depth of about 0.9mm, which are usually used for capillary blood sampling. This makes capillary blood sampling much more comfortable.
5 different lancing depth for more patient comfort
Special hollow bore needle minimises pain and accelerates wound healing

Ease of use

The lancet is easily mounted on the lancing device. When you hear a clear click, the lancing device is ready for use. You choose your preferred lancing depth by turning the dial and then you press the button to prick your finger.
Easy attachment of the lancet
Lancing depth easily adjusted by turning the dial

Safe and clean

Because of the special lancet design you will be protected from accidental needlesticks during the entire blood sampling procedure. The needle is permanently shielded, before and after use.
Protected needle

Blood Glucose Meter Instructions
For Use

  1. Take the test material at hand.
  2. Turn on the Meter and attach the Test TIP.
  3. Apply blood to the Test TIP until you hear a “beep”.
  4. After the countdown the result is shown on the display.
  5. Remove the Test TIP from the Meter by putting the TIP case over the Test TIP and pushing forward the eject button.

Available in:

  • TM4119-PA — Pack A: MEDISAFE EX Blood Glucose Meter + EX pouch + FINETOUCH Lancing Device + 50 Blood Glucose Test Tips + 30 Lancets
  • TM4119-PB — Pack B : MEDISAFE EX Blood Glucose Meter + FINETOUCH Lancing Device + 150 Blood Glucose Test Tips + 150 Lancets